Kids Play Area

Kids' Amenities At The Massey

When you're a kid, all you want to do is play.

In fact, you live to play. Everything else is secondary, including eating, bathing, and sleeping. And life is even better if you make a new discovery in a world you created.

The Massey Apartments are luxury apartments for rent in Hudson, Wisconsin. These new apartments hold everything you need to have a high-quality of life, from an indoor workspace to a dog park, fitness center, and kids' play area. Below, we'll take a look at the benefits to our kids' play area for your little ones. Schedule a tour today!

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When looking for luxury apartments in Hudson, you want ones that are comfortable and have a lot to offer for you and your family. It's nice to have a place where your kids can get their wriggles out that is close and safe.

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Get Exercise

Physical exercise is so important to kids who are growing. They need to develop strong bones and muscles, which they do as they play. A kids' play area at our luxury apartments that offers a variety of physical challenges is the perfect place for your kids to get exercise and release some pent-up energy.

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Make New Friends

Kids need to have friends their age in order to play with them. Playing with other kids on playgrounds will help your child develop social skills and teach them how to get along with others. Plus, it's nice to play imaginative games with other participants. Your child having friends at your luxury apartments can make them seem more like home, too.

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Improves Self Confidence

Playgrounds often have areas for kids of different ages. This means a bit higher level of skills and challenges for older kids than younger kids. This not only provides children with ways to grow, but it gives them goals to shoot for. When your child conquers a "big kid" challenge, their self-confidence can get a huge boost.

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Improves Cognitive Development

Play is not just all fun and games. Important connections are being made inside your child's brain. Free play helps with neurological development, intelligence, and helps with speech patterns. Your child will also develop problem solving skills, autonomous thinking skills, and improve their ability to focus. Plus, they will learn about cause and effect and reasoning skills.


The Massey Apartments loves our families who find a home with us. We offer amenities for everyone, including kids, to make life easier and more enjoyable. We offer luxury one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with balconies and patios, high ceilings, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and underground parking. To take a tour, reach out to us today!