Do’s & Don’ts of Apartment Living with Pets

When it comes to finding the perfect pet-friendly apartment in Hudson, you can count on Massey Luxury Apartments to have the amenities you need to make their life feel just as luxurious as yours! Apartment living with pets can be tricky to navigate, but we know the do’s and don’ts of keeping your pet happy while respecting the apartment pet guidelines. Read on to learn more about apartment living with pets, and contact us with any questions or concerns!

Puppy on leash

Do Clean Up After Your Pet

Always clean up after your pet, both accidents inside your apartment and when they go outside. This is especially important for apartment living as other tenants and their pets share outdoor spaces with you. Our apartment has a dog park for pets to enjoy, and we count on everyone picking up after their pet to keep it looking great. We also have a dog washing station for you to bathe your pet whenever they need one!

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Dog being playful

Don’t Forget to Train Your Pet

It’s essential that you don’t forget to train your pet when you live in an apartment. They’re bound to run into other pets on the complex, so ensuring that they’re well-mannered with people and other animals will keep everyone safe.

Dog running

Do Give Your Pet Plenty of Activity

Apartment living can be wonderful for your pets, as long as you pay special attention that they get enough exercise and enrichment. For dogs, our spacious Bark Park is the perfect place for your pup to run around and play with other pets and enjoy time outside to stay healthy and maintain a calm demeanor in the apartment.

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Dog on leash

Don’t Leave Your Pet Unattended For Long Periods of Time

Leaving your pet alone for long periods can be dangerous for them and a nuisance to other tenants. Pets need attention and can become bored, stressed, and anxious when left alone for too long. This can also lead to destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture, scratching walls, and having accidents in the apartment.

Apartment living with a pet can be a great experience, especially at a pet-friendly apartment like Massey Luxury Apartments in Hudson. It’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t do in order to keep your pet, and yourself, happy! For more information on our pet-friendly amenities and apartments, get in touch with us today.

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